College, School, and Division Plans

At its best, strategic planning is not a top-down exercise but rather one that is built on voices from throughout an institution. Our University-wide plan, then, cannot hope to succeed without the purposeful efforts and initiatives of faculty and staff operating on more “local” levels.

College/School Plans

The strategic plans of the seven colleges and schools listed below are distinct from “A Legacy Expanded,” just as they are from one another. Nevertheless, much like all forms of scholarship share in a basic pursuit of the truth, so, too, do these individual plans draw on a set of common principles—namely, those articulated via the University’s five overarching goals.

Institute/Center Plans

Our institutes and centers, routinely the sites of cross-disciplinary collaboration, are animated by our institutional goals, as well, helping give shape to a scholarly enterprise that places Notre Dame among the best universities in the country. This section of the website summarizes the strategic plans of three of these mission-critical endeavors.


Hesburgh Libraries Plan

Connecting people to knowledge: This is the fundamental mission of the Hesburgh Libraries. It is integral to the core mission and strategic objectives of the University, and these missions must advance together in order to achieve success in the 21st century.

Student Affairs Plan

Through its various constituent units, the Division of Student Affairs brings together the intellectual, spiritual, moral, and social dimensions of a student’s Notre Dame experience.