Graduate School

At the Graduate School, we believe that our voice is best heard through the success of those we train at the highest level to become the academic and professional leaders of tomorrow. Our mission is grounded in the belief that graduate and postdoctoral training is holistic. To that end, we work in concert with a world-class faculty across a variety of disciplines to mentor, develop and support our students through a wide range of services and events. 

Our admissions and recruitment team assists with the identification and recruitment of top applicants to join our extremely selective programs, with some matriculating only 9% of applicants and attracting 90% of the students to whom they make offers of admission. 

Our professional development team supports the four spires of professional development: research, teaching, career and ethics. Our success in research is reflected in the fact over the past 3 years our graduate students have brought in more than 7.35 million dollars in external grants and fellowships from highly competitive opportunities such as the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship program, the Fulbright Fellowship program, and the Lindau Award Program which enables students to meet Nobel Prize Laureates. The strength of our training programs is reflected by our recent graduates accepting positions at Brown University, Harvard University, Yale University and with the Los Alamos National Laboratory, Amazon, and Intel.

Our graduate student life team supports students across all dimensions of wellness: spiritual, academic, physical, emotional, and social. Programs such as Grad Life Grants that support student-initiated community building projects and Graduate Student Appreciation Week highlight the significant contributions that graduate students make to the life of the University.

Through these efforts, the Graduate School promotes our students’ academic and professional development so that when they assume their careers beyond Notre Dame they do so fully prepared and with confidence.

Our graduate student life team supports students across all dimensions of wellness: spiritual, academic, physical, emotional, and social.

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1. Advance excellence in post-graduate training

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  1. Provide support in scholarship, teaching, career and professional development
  2. Assess program vitality
  3. Design, encourage and promote new international training opportunities

2. Deepen and enrich post-graduate experience

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  1. Increase diversity in our graduate student and postdoctoral scholar populations
  2. Improve climate and on-campus experience for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars

3. Expand graduate program offerings

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  1. Support the development of new Ph.D. and Master’s programs
  2. Help to create and promote cross-program and cross-college certificates and programs
  3. Facilitate and promote technologically enhanced graduate programs

4. Deepen internal and external partnerships to promote graduate programs

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  1. Develop collaborative service model with colleges and programs
  2. Promote graduate training advances