External Engagement

Goal V: Engage in external collaborations that extend and deepen Notre Dame’s impact

All of us who are part of this University, from students and alumni to faculty and staff, have the chance to “be” Notre Dame to the rest of the world—that is, to serve as representatives of the kind of institution we are and hope to become.

These interactions foster partnerships that allow the University to maximize contributions both to higher education and society as a whole, raising the impact of our mission in the process. Goal V therefore affirms our commitment to nurturing aspects of our institutional identity that further Notre Dame’s ability to positively influence people’s lives regardless of whether they ever study or work here.

The Notre Dame Alumni Association plays a key role in this endeavor, as it is the central point of contact for a robust network of Notre Dame clubs that stretches across the country and around the world. In addition to supporting their initiatives, we will enhance the Alumni Association’s direct offerings, which are designed to meet the academic and spiritual needs of the University’s family and friends, provide a means for these individuals to connect with one another, and generate opportunities to give back to their communities and Notre Dame.

Possessing a mystique all its own, the Notre Dame campus itself is an attraction that aids in bringing many people, from scholars attending a conference to parents enjoying a football weekend, into closer contact with the University than they would experience otherwise. It is incumbent upon us to extend warm hospitality to these visitors while preserving our grounds and facilities.

And while the beauty of our campus is one reason for Notre Dame’s distinct level of national visibility, more influential still are the University’s Catholic character and history of athletic achievement. We believe now, as we always have, that these attributes can not only coexist with our academic mission but indeed advance it, making it possible for the University to flourish in all three respects.

Behind the scenes, expanding the availability of a Notre Dame education as well as the reach of our faculty’s research and scholarship, are our benefactors. Their renowned generosity has helped ensure our campus and programs, including financial aid, have been able to grow even in an uncertain economic climate, and we will continue to seek new and creative ways to work with our donors for the betterment of Notre Dame.

In the current strategic plan, we have identified two new areas of focus that we believe complement the commitments outlined above:

Raise national and international awareness of Notre Dame’s academic excellence

Partner to enhance the stability and growth of our regional community